Committees and Meetings

Committees & Meeting Schedules

Committees Chairman Member Secretary  Meeting Schedules
 Advisory Council  Associate Dean Assistant Registrar  First Week of Every Month
 Farm Advisory Council DDR Dr. P.V.Patil, Farm Manager  Last Week of Every Month
 Institutional Animal Ethics Committee  Associate Dean Dr. S.S. Sole  Twice Yearly
 Institutional  Biosafety Committee  Associate Dean Dr. A.V. Bhonsle  Twice Yearly
 Institutional Human Ethics Committee  Associate Dean Dr. A.V. Bhonsle  Twice Yearly
 Library Committee  Associate Dean Dr. A.V. Bhonsle, I/c, Librarian  Every Three Months
 Women Redressal Committee  Associate Dean Dr. Mrs. M.K.Patil  Twice Yearly
 Research Project Scrutiny Committee  Associate Dean Dr. V.M.Salunke,                   Dy. Dir. Res.  Last Week of Every Month
 TVCC Committee  Associate Dean Incharge , TVCC  Last Week of Every Month
Works Committee  Associate Dean  Er.P.V. Tayde, Junior Engineer  As per need
Canteen Committee Dr.N.Z.Gaikwad Mr. Amol Isal Every Month
Website Committee Dr.S.S.Kulkarni Dr. Ashok V Bhonsle Every Month