Veterinary Clinical Medicine

  • Year of inception : 1989
  • Bifurcation of department into Clinical and Preventive Medicine: 02.03.1998
  • Year of starting PG course in Veterinary Medicine: January 2002
  • Year of starting PG course in Veterinary Clinical Medicine: 2010
  • No. of successful P.G candidates in Veterinary Medicine : 8
  • No. of successful P.G candidates in Veterinary Clinical Medicine : 1


  Name Tenure
Veterinary Medicine
  Dr. Abdul Samad 1989 – 1991
  Dr. M.S.Ali 1991 – 1997
  Dr. L.G.Anantwar 1997 – 1998
Clinical Veterinary Medicine
  Dr. A. U. Bhikane 09.03.1998 – 20.11.2010
  Dr. D. B. Sarode 21.11.2010 – 19.03.2011

Teaching Programmes

Undergraduate Courses of  B.V.Sc. & A.H as per VCI norms
Postgraduate programme with intake capacity of one student per year

Departmental Research 

Agency projects

Sr.No. Title of the Project PI Funding Agency Year
1 Efficacy of ferrocom against anaemia in goat. A.U.Bhikane Indian Herbs, Saharanpur (U.P.) 2003
2 Efficacy of dermanol cream and skin heal spray against dermatomycosis in cattle. A.U.Bhikane Indian Herbs, Saharanpur (U.P.) 2005
3 Therapeutic efficacy of gutlyte in diarrohea in bovine. A.U.Bhikane Indian Herbs, Saharanpur (U.P.) 2007
4 Clinical trials of dna rab vaccine in bovine. A.U.Bhikane Indian Immunologicals, Hyderabad,(A.P.) 2008
5 Effects of metho chelated bestmin gold on health status, production and reproduction parameters in buffaloes. A.U.Bhikane Vetcare Pharmaceuticals, Bangalore 2008
6 Efficacy of herbo-mineral formulation (pre-mast) in prevention and treatment of subclinical mastitis in crossbred cows. A.U.Bhikane Rakesh Pharmaceuticals, Kalol, Gandhinagar, (North Gujarat) 2009
7 Efficacy of polyherbal spray (vetomax) against dermatomycosis in cattle. A.U.Bhikane Rakesh Pharmaceuticals, Kalol, Gandhinagar, (North Gujarat) 2013

Departmental Projects

 Sr. No. Title of the project Research Co-ordinator Year of start Duration in years
1 Clinical and experimental studies on PPR in goats. A.U.Bhikane 1994 2 years
2 Epidemiology, clinico-pathology and therapy of babesiosis in cattle. A.U.Bhikane 1994 6 years
3 Epidemiological and Clinico-therapeutic studies on osteomalacia in buffaloes. A.U.Bhikane 1994 5 years
4 Epidemiological and Clinico-therapeutic studies on haemoglobinuria in buffaloes. A.U.Bhikane 1994 5 years
5 Diabetes mellitus in buffaloes. A.U.Bhikane 2000 3 years
6 Clinico-therapeutic aspects of hepatitis in cattle. A.U.Bhikane 2000 3 years

M.V.Sc., Projects Completed

Sr. No. Title of the Project Name of the student Major Guide Year
1 Diagnostic and therapeutic investigations on dermatophytosis in cattle. Miss. A.A.Satalkar A.U.Bhikane 2004
2 Diagnosis and herbal therapy of dermatomycosis in cattle Miss. S.H.Namwad A.U.Bhikane 2005
3 Epidemiological and clinico therapeutic investigations on Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) in goats. Miss. V.S.Karlewad A.U.Bhikane 2006
4 Evaluation of polyherbal astringent in non-specific diarrhea in bovine. Mr. B.R.Devkate A.U.Bhikane 2007
5 Evaluation of impact of chelated mineral mixture supplementation on health status of buffaloes. Mr. H.R.Ghadage A.U.Bhikane 2008
 6 Aetiological and clinico-therapeutic investigations on leukoderma in buffaloes. Mr. S.M. Gapat A.U.Bhikane 2009
 7 Aetiology, clinico-pathology and treatment of pica in bovine. Miss.A.S.Lengare A.U.Bhikane 2010
8 Studies on leucoderma in buffaloes with particular reference to its etiology and treatment with methochelated copper. Mr.Y.S.Dube A.U.Bhikane 2011
9 Therapeutic Management of Babesiosis in Cattle. Mr. R. M. Shinde A.U.Bhikane 2013


  • Hospital services- treatment of medical cases presented to TVCSC.
  •  Referral services to animal patients from 4 districts of Marthwada and adjacent Bidar district of Karnataka.
  •  Ambulatory Clinic services-Organization of Animal health camps
  •  Health services to Adopted villages
  •  Diagnostic services- blood, milk, rumen fluid, KFT, LFT, serum mineral analysis, faecal examination, skin scraping examination.
  •  Investigation of outbreaks
  •  Telephonic consultancy services
  •  Personal consultancy services
  •  Organization of seminars/workshops/trainings for technical persons
  •  Organization of farmers trainings/workshop/rallies
  •  Guidance to farmers/LDOs/LSS in trainings/seminars/workshops/rallies.
  •  Organization of health awareness campaigns.

Other  Information

  • Developed teaching material such as lecture notes, practical manuals and question banks for various courses of Clinical Medicine.
  • Number of books authored /booklets /Technical manuals/Souvnirs edited: 19
  • Number of popular articles/ folders published: 149
  • Number of Radio Talks delivered and TV interviews given: 29
  •  Number of livestock shows participated: 42
  •  Number of work camp organized/participated: 281
  •  Number of trainings/workshops/seminars organized for LDOs/LSS/Farmers: 23
  • Department is Coordinating Ambulatory Clinic (since 2000) and adopted village activities (since 2005).
  •  Delivered lectures in 199 farmers rallies/ workshops/ seminars/ trainings and 57 workshops/ seminars/ trainings organized for LDO/ LSS all over the Maharashtra
  •  Coordinated 4 special NSS camps.
  • Awards to students: Eight U. G. students are recipient of VA Sapre Gold Medal for securing highest marks in clinical medicine in Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur, since inception of this award in 2003.
Sr. No. Name Reg. No. Year
1 Dr. Santosh Uttam Wakchaure 99VU21B 2003-2004
2 Dr. Md.Touqueer Alam 2000VU33B 2004-2005
3 Dr. Rajendra Yadav 2001VU10B 2005-2006
4 Dr. Sharad Popat Londhe 2002VU22B 2006-2007
5 Dr. Madhuvanti V. Mahajan 2003VU03B 2007-2008
6 Dr. Smita Appasaheb Malgunde 2004VU15B 2008-2009
7 Dr. Anil D Karale 2005VU13B 2009-2010
8 Dr. Ashish A Pawar 2006VU19 B 2010-2011

Department Faculty

Dr. A.U. Bhikane

M.V.Sc., Ph.D

Professor & Sectional Head


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Dr. R.K. Jadhav

M.V.Sc., Ph.D

Assistant Professor


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