Veterinary Pathology

Infrastructure & Facilities Available

a.Histopathology Laboratory

b.Microscopic Photography Unit

c.Clinical Pathology Laboratory

d.Postmortem Hall (Small Animal & Poultry)

e.Gross Pathological Specimens Museum


Departmental Activities

a.Demonstrations of Postmortem Examination to Field Veterinarians.
b.Demonstrations of Diagnostic Techniques to Field Veterinarians
c.Participation in Farmer Awareness Camps


Sr.No. Name Tenure
1 Dr. G.B.Kulkarni 1987-1995
2 Dr. M.A.Khan 1995-97
3 Dr.S.D. Moregaonkar 1997-2012

Teaching Programmes Undergraduate Courses of  B.V.Sc. & A.H as per VCI norms Postgraduate programme with intake capacity of one student per year Departmental Research Agency  Projects

 Sr. No. Title of the project Research Co-ordinator /Worker Funding Agency Year
1 Studies on efficacy on Ventrilivplus on performance, carcass characteristic and meat quality in broiler. S.D.   Moregaonkar, M.A.Khan ,G.R. Gangane,N.M. Markendeya   and   N.Z. Gaikwad Sponsored by M/S   Venkateshwara hatcheries, Pune. 2007
2 Comparative efficacy of herbal product (AV/BCP/15) with synthetic choline on broiler performance and carcass quality parameters. G.R.Gangane, S.D.Moregaonkar, M.A. Khan, N.Z.Gaikwad, S.S.Bhagat and P.A Chandane M/S AyurvetLTD,Dabbi, Dist. Solan (H.P.) 2008

Departmental Projects

 Sr. No. Title of the project Research Co-ordinator Year of start Duration in years
1 Use of an alternative capillary sealing material (M- Seal) in PCV estimation. S.D.   Moregaonkar, M.A.Khan  ,   G.P. Bharkad, N.M. Markendeya and V.M. Salunke 2004 1 year
2 Clinicopathological studies on TRP (hardware dideasein cattle) S.D. Moregaonkar, M.A.Khan,   A.U.Bhikane and G.U.Yadav 2010 2 years
3 Analysis of twelve year data of necropsy examination conducted during 1998-2010 S.D.   Moregaonkar, M.A.Khan, and G.R. Gangane. 2010 12 years
4 Recording of Anomalies in animals during a period 2008-10 S.D.   Moregaonkar, M.A.Khan ,   A.D.Patil and A.U.Bhikane 2008 2 years
5 Studies on pathology of Black quarter in bovineswithspecial reference to ulcerative endocarditis Dr. M.A. Khan                       Dr .S.D. Moregaonkar,         Dr. A. U. Bhikane and         Dr. A. V. Bhonsle 2010 3 Years
6 Studies on efficacy of different diagnostic tests / methods for detection of clinical mastitis in cattle Dr. M.A. Khan, Dr. A. U. Bhikane  and  Dr. A. V. Bhonsle 2010 3 Years

M.V.Sc. Projects –  Completed

 Sr.No. Title of the project Name of the student Name of Major Guide Year
1 Studies on ochratoxicosis in broilers Shri. Pawar, P.L. Dr. S.D.Moregaonkar 2001
2 Studies on commercial mycotoxin binder in preventing ochratoxicosis in broilers Shri. Pathan, A.C Dr. S.D.Moregaonkar 2004
3 Studies on experimental colibacillosis in broilers Shri. Phad, V. N. Dr. S.D.Moregaonkar 2005
4 Studies on efficacy of Levofloxacin in Improvement of colibacillosis in broilers Shri. Deshmukh, V. V. Dr. S.D.Moregaonkar 2006
5 Studies on Black Piper nigram fruits against colibacillosis in broilers Ku. Bamne, S. S. Dr. S.D.Moregaonkar 2007
6 Toxico-pathological studies on chlorpyriphos, a organophosphate insecticide in broiler birds. Sushil S. Bhagat Dr. M.A.Khan 2008
7 Studies on Quinolphos,a organophosphate insecticide in broiler birds. Shri. Chandane, P. S. Dr. S.D.Moregaonkar 2009
8 Toxico-pathological studies of indoxacarb in female Wistar rats Miss.Sonphule A. S. Dr. M.A.Khan 2010
9 Studies on anti-diabetic property of Eunicostoma Litterolae in Wister rats. Mr. Jadhav, V. L. Dr. S.D.Moregaonkar 2011
10 Efficacy of Maytenus emeginata in Paracetemol induced toxicity in male Wistar rats Mr.Pathan M.M. Dr. M.A.Khan 2012
11 Toxicopathological studies of Anilofos in Wistar Rats Mr.Zole V.K. Dr. M.A.Khan 2013
12 Effect of Formaldehyde Spraying in Broiler Pens P.R.Dalave Dr. M.A.Khan 2014
13 Clinicopathological Studies on Black Quarter in Bovines S.R. Ambhore Dr. M.A. Khan Ongoing

Services Provided a.  Postmortem Examination & Consultancy to Farmers b. Histopathological Diagnosis c. Clinical Pathology Services d. Training about Postmortem Examination & various Disease Diagnosis Techniques e. Experimental Trials on Toxicopathological, Therapeutic aspects Future Plans a. Immunopathology Laboratory b. Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory c. Mobile Diagnostic Facility for Farmers Faculty

Passport Photo-Dr.M.A.Khan Dr.M.A.Khan M.V.Sc., Ph.D, Associate Professor and Sectional Head More Details…..
Passport Photo-Dr.S.G.Chavhan Dr. Sambhaji G. Chavhan M.V.Sc., Ph.D,NET Assistant Professor More Details…..