Veterinary Biochemistry

      The department of Biochemistry is separated from combined department of Physiology and Biochemistry in the year 2001-02 as per the VCI norms.

    Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. It is a laboratory based science that brings together biology and chemistry. By using chemical knowledge and techniques, Biochemists can understand and solve biological problems.

     The Department of Veterinary Biochemistry is having the following infrastructure facility for the UG and PG students and also to carry out the research work.

Infrastructures and Facilities at the Department:

  • The Department of Veterinary Biochemistry is having facility for the UG and PG students and also to carry out the research work for the externally funded schemes.
  • The Biochemical analysis of clinical samples is carried out and research facilities are also provided for PG research at college level.

Services Provided:

  • Biochemical Analysis of Various Clinical Samples

Instruments and Equipment’s Available:

  • Biochemical Semi Auto Analyzer
  • Double UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • pH meter
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Double distillation plant
  • Colorimeter
  • Water bath
  • Hot air oven
  • Electric stirrer

Teaching Programmes:

  • B.V.Sc. & A.H: as per VCI Curriculum
  • M.V.Sc.


 Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad  Jan. 2001 –March 2008
 Dr.S.W. Bonde  March 2008-June 2009
 Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad  July 2009-October 2010
 Dr.R.C.Takarkhede  Oct.2010 – March 2012
 Dr. S.S.Kulkarni  April 2012 – Oct.2012

Departmental Research

Agency Project – Completed

No. Title of the project PI & Co-PI Funding Agency Grants Received
1 Adaptation and Facilitation of Livestock Impending Climate Changes through Shelter Management Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad (Co-PI)


National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal Rs.19.00 Lakh
  Assessment of mineral profile: Relationship of soils, feeds and fodders in Maharashtra for improvement of livestock production potential. Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad (Co-PI) Maharashtra Livestock Development Board (M.L.D.B.) Rs. 11.35 Lakh
3 Studies on efficacy of Ventrilir-plus on performance, carcass charecteristics and meat quality in broilers Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad (Co-PI)


M/S. Venkey’s India Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. Pune 55,933/-
4 Comparative efficacy of herbal product (AV?BCP?15) with Synthetic Choline Chloride on broiler performance and Carcass Quality characteristics’ Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad (Co-PI)


Dabur Ayurvet, At Post Gaddi (H.P.) 49,983/-
5 Comparative efficacy of Herbal Amino Acid Suppliments on Broiler Performance Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad (Co-PI)


M/S. Dabur Ayurvet, At Post Gaddi (H.P.) 49,500/-
6 Field Trails of Inactivated Bivalent Reovirus Vaccine in Broilers Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad (Co-PI)


M/S. Ventri Biologicals, VHPL, Pune Rs.49,000/-
7 Evaluation of Efficacy of Herbal Supplimentation on Serum and  Egg Yolk Cholesterols in Layers Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad (Co-PI)


M/S. Dabur Ayurvet, At Post Gaddi (H.P.) Rs.49,000/-
8 Effect of Different Sources of \Drinking Water and Commercially Treated Water on the Performance of Broiler Chicken Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad (Co-PI)


M/S. Narsapur Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Turbhe, Navi Mumbai Rs.49,000/-

Departmental Project – Ongoing

 Sr.No. Title of the project Research Co-ordinator Year of Start Duration in years
 1 Molecular Characterization of plasmids extracted from Salmonella enterica isolated from poultry N.Z. Gaikwad

A.V. Bhonsle

A.M. Shende



2014-15 Three Years
2. Metabolic profiling in prepartum stage of transition Deoni cows M.J. Sanap

N.Z. Gaikwad

V.M. Salunke

M.M. Vaidya

2016 Two Years

Future Plans:

  • Major emphasis will be given on diagnosis of metabolic disorders in high yielding animal to support production enhancement, profitability and sustainability of Livestock for empowerment of the Farmer’s.
  • Making awareness among farmer’s regarding induction of lactation as well as Artificial Insemination in non pregnant animal.
  • Making awareness among farmers regarding effect of climate on milk yield and health of animal. Transfer of technology by publications in local language, farmers association, village adopted programs, training programs, field outreach activities.


Dr. N.Z. Gaikwad

M.V.Sc., Ph.D

Professor & Sectional Head


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Assistant Professor


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