Veterinary Anatomy

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The Veterinary Anatomy & Histology is basic subject of Veterinary Profession. It includes gross  anatomical studies on  bony frame work, placement / location of viscera /  organs of various body systems in the cadaver of domestic/ wild animals & birds. The embryiological study includes the  development of embryo  till the birth of newborn. The microscopic structure of various body organs is included in the histology. The department contributes  its  basic knowledge for the research in Veterinary pathology, Veterinary surgery & radiology, etc. The  technical guidance  is provided to the field Veterinarians  by department.


1 DR.N.S.Bhosle 1990-1994

Teaching Programmes

B.V.Sc.& A.H., M.V.Sc. &  Ph.D.

Departmental Research 

Departmental Projects

  Title of the project Research Co-ordinator /Worker Year of start Duration in years
1 Evaluation of Seasonal Variation on Histoarchitecture of skin in Osmanabadi Goat and Deccani Sheep with                       Reference to Age. R.R.Mugale  N.M.Karad 2012 3 years

M.V.Sc.  Projects Completed

  Title of the project Name of the student Name of Major Guide Year
1 Histology & histochemistry of uterus during various phases of oestrus cycle in osmanabadi goat P.S.Bagade R.R.Mugale 2005
2 Gross & histmorphological studied on oviductsof Japnase quail ( coturnix coturnix Japonica ) before & during laying of egg. M.P.More R.R.Mugale   2012


Dr.R.R.Mugale Dr. R.R. Mugale
Professor & Sectional Head
Department of Anatomy & Histology
 Dr. Patil V Dr. V.S. Patil
Assistant Professor,
 Dr.Ghule P Dr. P. Ghule
Assistant Professor,