Completed Projects

Completed Projects

No Nameoftheproject Funding agency Project cost(Rs.) Names of PI Co-PIs
1 Rapid Disease Diagnostic Centre For Small Ruminants


1.94Crores Principal Investigator:Dr.A.V.Bhonsle,AssistantProf,COVAS,Udgir             Co – PI:                                                                    1.Dr.A.G.Karpe,Associate  Prof., COVAS, Parbhani                2.Dr.S.S.Kulkarni,Prof., COVAS,Udgir                                    3.Dr.S.S.Pitlawar,  AssistantProf., COVAS,Udgir      4.Dr.S.S.Ghoke,AssistantProf., COVAS,Udgir5.Dr.M.B.Kulkarni, COVAS, Udgir
2 Adaptation and Facilitation of Livestock to Impending Climatic Changes through Shelter Management ICAR Network Project 19.00 Lakhs Principal Investigator:Dr. S.S.Kulkarni, Professor, Department of Physiology                                                                                                 Co-PI:                                                                                                         i.   Dr. V.S.Waskar, Associate Professor, Dept. of Veterinary Public Health
ii.    Dr. N.Z.Gaikwad, Associate Professor, Dept. of Veterinary Biochemistry
iii.   Dr. A.V.Bhonsle, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology
3 Strengthening of Surgery & Radiology department RKVY 2.30 Crores Principal Investigator: Dr.S.S.Pitlawar,  AssistantProf, COVAS, Udgir  Project Co-ordinator:1.Dr.V.M.Salunke,DDR,COVAS,Udgir                       Co-PI:1. Dr.A.V.Bhonsle,AssistantProf. ,COVAS, Udgir    2.Dr.P.S.Masare,Hospital Registrar,TVCC,COVAS,Udgir
4  Grassland Development including Grass reserves at Agricultural  farm, Sunegaon, Tal. Ahmedpur, COVAS, Udgir Dist. Latur RKVY 10.00 Lakhs Principal Investigator:Dr.V.M.Salunke,DDR,COVAS,Udgir                           Co-PI:                                                                                                      1.Dr.P.V.Patil, Farm Manager, ILFC ,COVAS, Udgir                                   2.Dr. M.S. Mendhe, Research Asst.,ILFC ,COVAS, Udgir
5 Assistance for strengthening of feed testing laboratory at Department of Animal Nutrition,Udgir(Sanctioned Project in 2013-14) Department of Animal Husbandry, GOI, New Delhi Rs.200 Lakhs(50% Central & 50% State) Principal Investigator:Dr.Kanduri A.B &

Co-PI: Dr.G.B.Deshmukh ,

Department of Animal Nutrition,